“We’re ALL disabled” – NOT! | “I see a church with no disabled people” Part 2

On our way back from the Beyond Suffering conference in western Ukraine, we’re going back a bit to set forth why we feel the response (and the responsibility) of the Christian Church is so important. First we need to get a few things straight…

Mill Pond Porch

We were sharing last time about our conviction that disability is NOT a matter of “something being wrong” with certain people, or certain bodies or brains. There is one other expression that I’ve often heard shared, frequently by very good-hearted people, that I believe needs to be challenged:

Namely, it is NOT true that “We’re all disabled,” despite well-meaning statements to the contrary.

gac global-access-conference-bannerI’ve heard folks try to build a sense of “solidarity” with people with disabilities by pointing out that “We all have our own limitations that hold us back.” “None of us have “the perfect body” or “the brightest mind,” so that “We all deal with being frustrated in achieving our full potential.” Or “We all live in a ‘fallen world’,” so that “We all have to deal with the disabling effects of sin in our lives.”

The bottom line seems to be: “All of us live with disability…

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