“Equitable Use” of the Gospel | The Principles of Universal Design and the Church

There is no “handicapped access” to the Kingdom… People with disabilities “enter by the same door” as everyone else.


The accessibility of the Church and the Gospel’s message of “universal access”

The gospel addresses all people, and we are committed to making the gospel accessible to all people. This serves as a strong motivation to have the church’s “design processes” reflect these realities.

How to design a house of prayer for all people? Universal Design and the Church: 3

Don’t look at the way you do things now as “normal.” Because there is no “standard format” for Jesus-followers, normal in the Body may be a lot different than “normal for us.”


Designing “to the norm” doesn’t feel like design at all. Universal Design and the Church: 2

This is where “ableism” originates: “we” establish “ourselves” as “normal” – and having done so, what works (for “us”) works. Period. “Others” are not in view, because they are, by definition, “exceptions.”


I’m no “designer,” I’m just a regular person in ministry… Universal Design and the Church: 1

When it is in our power to apply universal design or to make reasonable accommodations and we fail to do so, we are committing disability discrimination. And James wrote, “If you know the good you ought to do and don’t do it, you sin” (James 4:17).