Disability is not a matter of bodies or brains | “I see a church with no disabled people” Part 1

Many fascinating conversations at the Beyond Suffering conference in Ukraine keep bringing this series to mind. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Mill Pond Porch

I have shared, posted about, blogged on and advocated for the proposition that “disability ministry” mustnot be seen as “optional equipment” on the “vehicle” of the church, but that it is essential to the church BEING (and becoming) the Church.

I want to take some time to develop an argument that, I believe, leads to an interesting Psa 139 and usconclusion: a vision of a church that includes no disabled people… a church without disability. But you’re going to have to bear with me…

Here’s my first point: 1) Disability is NOT something that is inherent in the bodies or brains of individuals (that are damaged, incomplete, inferior)

It is, of course, true that many people are confronted with chronic illnesses, impairments that give rise to conditions that can and do pose real and significant difficulties, even suffering. Actually, that’s probably true of MOST of us, at least at certain points…

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