People matter. Words matter. Words about people especially matter.

Who has the right to say who I am? Do other people have the right to tell me who I am, or should I tell who I am to others?


What’s It (or He or She) Worth? Thinking about Justice, Part 1

Satan has claimed and is claiming the minds, the bodies the souls of millions of God’s image bearers. He slaps labels on them, labels that he feels devalue them, that enable him to score them on the cheap, to say “They are mine, Game Over,” drop them into his sack and head off looking for more.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day – Katherine Quarmby on Roma and the Disabled

Today, January 27, has been designated by the United Nations as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The SERVEurope Catalyst Team, with whom I work, is passionate about healthy identification with and full inclusion into the Church and community of people who have experienced marginalization. We are particularly passionate about ministering to, and with, the Roma. And…

Owing and paying a “Gospel debt” | Chinese. Roma. Europe. Mission. Me #2

Why are there so many Chinese who are drawn to minister to the Roma in Europe? Particularly when Europeans themselves have been – and pretty much continue to be – participants in the generations-long process of marginalizing them? All the same, here there are Chinese churches from three continents, each struggling with critical European questions…