Living without disability | “I see a church with no disabled people – 6”

This post ties together how we’re thinking about disability and the church. We’d love to hear from you… Is YOUR church a place that people with disabilities find welcome? If so, what works well? How can we work together to see our church be such a place?

Mill Pond Porch

This is the concluding post of a series… If you haven’t been tracking along, I’d encourage you to go back to the start and read them in sequence, since they do build one upon another…

It seems pretty clear to me that most, if not all, of us, whatever conception our ideas about “heaven,” would agree on at least one thing: in heaven, disability will not exist. “In the Kingdom,” there will be “no tears”… and no reason for them, just as was the case originally in creation as God designed it and declared it “good.” The impact of the Good News is that God is restoring His fallen creation in all its facets and dimensions.

wheelchair_400_265Some have taken this to believe that all the impairments that currently have a disabling effect will be “cured.” This could make sense insofar as “things that are broken” will not…

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