Questions Jesus Asked 3 | Good Wine and Line of Sight

“How does this concern of yours affect me?” (John 2:4) Yes, this question is asked in the context of the first miracle Jesus is recorded as performing, which, at first glance, seemed to be for the purpose of keeping the party going. But that’s not the point. He had a greater purpose: he realized that…

Dreaming about Redemption

After reflecting on the meaning and significance of “Gospel movements” with our Europe colleagues, I came home and began to dream.
I have some ideas about what it means… but what do YOU think?

There is a field…

The soil is dark and rich, fertilized over years by suffering. But for as long as anyone can remember, people have thrown their garbage onto this field. It has happened for so long, that this field is seen as good for nothing but a garbage dump. Suddenly a flower appears.