Who or what “disables” people with disabilities? | “I see a church with no disabled people” Part 3

Originally posted on Mill Pond Porch:
We’ve been taking on a couple of prevalent ideas about disability: first, that it’s a problem that involves certain individuals’ brains and/or bodies and secondly, that “we’re all disabled” in one form or another. Yes, everyone is different. And no one is able to be or do everything they…


Looking for Loopholes | Thinking About Justice 5

Today’s “theological liberalism” doesn’t oppose conservatism. It opposes JUSTICE.

What’s It (or He or She) Worth? Thinking about Justice, Part 1

Satan has claimed and is claiming the minds, the bodies the souls of millions of God’s image bearers. He slaps labels on them, labels that he feels devalue them, that enable him to score them on the cheap, to say “They are mine, Game Over,” drop them into his sack and head off looking for more.