The Heart of The Mill Pond: Friends For Life, a Life For Friends

I soon learned something that refreshed me to the core – nothing is off the table for discussion at The Mill; more importantly, no people are off the table when it comes to friendship.  To me, their openness reflects the love and peace of Christ.  His perfect love truly does drive out fear: fear of others, fear of differences, and even fear of our own weakness.


Becoming a Friend of Time – Part 3

Time is not an empty block waiting for us to fill it. Each moment, when seen as God sees it, is filled with meaning, new possibilities, hope for the future.

It’s all good…

When was the last time you got anyone to accept an apology? Or, for those of you who seldom make mistakes (or at least don’t admit it): when was the last time you actually accepted an apology that someone made to you? Perhaps this is just an element of how things are done in these…