OK, I’m back…

Where have we been? Well, certainly not online… which is good for myself and my family, but no so good for keeping this blog rollin’ on. However, let’s just see what we can do about that, shall we? And, hey, how about some comments?

Briefly, we stayed “unplugged” over the Christmas and New Years holidays… a lot of reconnecting as family and friends, a bit of restoration, a bit of licking of wounds from the last year, a smidgen of dreaming about the year just beginning.

We started a few archaeological digs around The Mill, which enables us to spin many imaginative stories about what “might’ve been” right before our eyes years or centuries ago, where there might have been a building (and who might’ve done what in it?) and where there may have been a road a couple hundred years ago (and who might’ve trudged along it?)

We celebrated Christmas at the Mill with three of our four kids and one of our two kids-in-law. We continued the long, but still-moving-forward process of creating a “heat station” in The Mill. We had time to reflect and grow closer as a family, and were able to provide a space and conditions for reconciliation for others.

We got news of an impending grandbaby (our first) and an engagement.

We celebrated Liz’s 52nd birthday by climbing Sharp Top (once thought, erroneously, to be VA’s tallest mountain). And, of course, we went to the Surrender Grounds.

We’ll have more to share (and more provocative ramblings) once we get back up to speed here.

How about you? Did YOU discover anything over this past holiday season?Image

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  1. Mike says:

    Congratulations on the coming baby and coming wedding! There is a joke in there but I am not going to touch it, haha. And thanks for this post. I would say that we discovered that even a transitional place to live can be warm, inviting and ‘home’ when it is filled with love and Christ’s presence. — Being back in the US means, for me, rediscovering how to live in an affluent and privileged society and still seek, as you have written, simplicity. It takes hard work! Blessings and we look forward to talking face to face soon. Mike

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