Integral Mission in Europe

As I mentioned before, I work with a great group of people in Europe who share a passion for fostering values and practices of integral mission.
To give you an idea of what we’re all about, here’s a brochure we’ve just finished.

It highlights work among immigrant populations, orphans, people with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, and Roma and opposition to human trafficking.

Integral Mission Brochure

However, integral mission is far more than just compassion ministry slapped on top of “traditional” preaching. As the brochure points out, it’s about “developing, empowering, and releasing people to articulate and embody with integrity the fullness of the Gospel for individual and community transformation.”

Thus, we also are concerned about the imagination, the emotions, the workplace, community health, the environment… because the Gospel is a vehicle of transforming grace that touches every aspect of the human person, every facet of human life, these are all appropriate, indeed needful, places for Christ-followers to be engaged.

We’d love to have more people behind us, whether it’s by working directly with us or supporting our work in prayer, logistics, or finances.

Since the brochure is just out, I’d love to hear what you think!

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