Hello world!

Welcome to the Mill House Porch! We hope you’ll enjoy visiting often.

It’s a special place: so remote that it feels like you’re truly a “world apart” sittin’ here. But you’re not here in isolation.

This porch connects with multiple communities, some near some far. We like making connections… the less immediately obvious, the more we like them. We are making our way here, in yet another culture, and, same as it ever was, it’s quite an undertaking.

We have been involved in cross-cultural ministry since the mid-90’s, and Jim continues to serve as an Area Leader for Eastern Europe with ReachGlobal. We’ve lived Ukraine for a good dozen years, and have relational and missional connections all over Europe. We are also passionate about “integral mission” and hope to, over time, draw together a web of reflection, storying, sharing ideas, making connections, to give us all some fresh insight into our world… however that happens to be constituted.

We’ll be looking at issues of context (in thought and culture), embracing the power of simplicity while welcoming complexity, considering icons and images. In mission, we are always moving forward and outward, and will share opportunities as we see them. Here in the “holler” we are homesteading, with a vision of fostering a community here that both celebrates our geographical isolation and our connectedness to the world. We’ll share some of that process with you as well.

We’d like to see this blog stimulate some conversation… it really is NOT all about us. We’ll take a few posts to get up to speed, help y’all get acquainted with us, and see what happens.

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