From the Dnepr’s Banks, to Wreck Island Creek. Dreams for the land live on.

While friendships and burdens remain, dreams do sometimes die. Yet they’re sometimes reborn. Entire chapters of life seem to end in a sudden aposiopesis… only to be reconfigured in a new place with new characters.

What’s It (or He or She) Worth? Thinking about Justice, Part 1

Satan has claimed and is claiming the minds, the bodies the souls of millions of God’s image bearers. He slaps labels on them, labels that he feels devalue them, that enable him to score them on the cheap, to say “They are mine, Game Over,” drop them into his sack and head off looking for more.

Thinking about people on the move

This wave of refugees is not a problem that God has given us to solve. It is an opportunity to share the good news in the context of relationship, welcome, witness.

We live in a fallen world… So what of it?

We were talking a while ago about prayer… not the “now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleep” sort of pious niceties, nor the generic “sending-good-vibes-your-way” sort of thing we often encounter. But prayer considered as a weapon. That’s something that can’t be done without an attitude of repentance… it certainly can’t be done if one is self-righteous or self-serving. But there’s…

Weaponizing prayer… through repentance

Events in the world today have been driving us to prayer lately. More than ever before, we are realizing that prayer is, indeed, a weapon. Not a weapon that kills people. But a weapon that can, in fact be effective against forces which are out to wreak havoc and destruction. Sometimes we seem to think…

“Not my will, but Yours…”

A month has gone by since I was on Maidan (and what a month!). However, I still am sorting through my impressions from that time – which are not built upon a single visit, but informed by a good dozen years of living “embedded” in the culture, sharing the heart of the marvelous people of…

If this is truly Good vs. Evil, how could so many be on the sidelines?

A number of people have asked for a little ‘tutorial’ about the background, particularly political, of how things got this way. It truly is a complex, multifaceted and dynamic situation, so no one would be well-served with any source that purported to explain it all in just a click. Some good background for English speakers…