The Puzzle Before Us: A Holiday Story

Long ago, in a faraway land not very far from here, a Wise Man once gave a puzzle to his kids. Not just any puzzle – when solved, it showed the most beautiful picture ever seen, a deep beauty that could scarcely be imagined…


A Prayer for Today, after Yesterday in #Charlottesville

Eternal God, As we lift our hearts to you on behalf of those who have suffered at the hands of the demonic distortion of white supremacy, either at the hands or by words of others, or by their own degradation by this sin which so easily entangles, we acknowledge our own need for your forgiveness….

Weaponizing prayer… through repentance

Events in the world today have been driving us to prayer lately. More than ever before, we are realizing that prayer is, indeed, a weapon. Not a weapon that kills people. But a weapon that can, in fact be effective against forces which are out to wreak havoc and destruction. Sometimes we seem to think…