Mill Pond Monday – The emergent beauty of a hardwood floor

The beauty we see in this floor as it comes together is distinct from any beauty that might be found in the boards out of which it’s composed. But every single board makes this thing beautiful.


Mill Pond Monday 4. Making a difference

Our vision for The Mill is that participation in its unique opportunities would result in people renewing their vision and motivation to make an impact in their world. We pray that people will be equipped to have a new or deeper impact in their own (or other) settings as a result of their experience. We…

This is Landscaping? Two approaches to reality

When we first moved down into the holler we were confronted by a confusing profusion of nature. Ten acres of land down here in the Piedmont never truly “lie idle.” It was the closest thing to a jungle (minus the tropical climate) that we’ve ever experienced. Our vision for The Mill is to foster community……